I'm considering buying one of these, and I'd like to hear what any of you guys that have played one thought of it. Also, a lot of the reviews that I've read say that the neck is huge, or something along those lines. I'm afraid it'll be too big of a neck for my liking. Right now I just play an Epiphone G-310, in case you could compare the two.
Ive played a couple deluxes, I really dug the way they sound and play. I've got a 72 thinline, which I'm pretty sure has the same neck as the deluxe. It's not any bigger than any other telecaster i've played. It's the standard fender scale of 25 1/2" which is and inch and a half longer than your epiphone's neck. It's not really a big deal to transition though.
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I've played an original. Thought it was pretty easy to play, and this was when I was using my Squier, which has a really small neck compared to my Peavey. I don't recall it being difficult, and was able to play any song on the Tele that I could on my Strat.
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Quote by seljer
I'd expect any Fender neck to be smaller than the neck on an SG


Although Telecaster necks will be larger than that of a Strat.
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why not go to a guitar shop and play one?

I plan on it eventually, I was just curious to figure out what people's opinions were too.

And if it shouldn't be any bigger than an SG, then it sounds good to me. Thanks.
What kind of music would it be best for? I play pretty much everything from ska and indie stuff to punk and metal.