Hey everybody,

so i'm at summer school right now, and my final for my logic class is tomorrow.

I get along really really well with my professor. I mean like, i've gone out for tea and coffee with him, have had lengthy discussions on religion and on major philosophical dilemmas. you know, in general, we get along well.

anyway, i figure since it's my final tomorrow and in all likelihood, the last time i'll see him in quite a few years, i should get him some sort of present. i'm thinking i should get him a book, but he was a philosophy major undergrad, grad, and PhD, so he's probably read a lot of what i could think of.

anybody have any suggestions?

something like c.s. lewis, or wittgenstein, or even economics or something.
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"zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance"
not a probable title for a book on philosophy but trust me its really good, some of the theorys the guy has are incredible
Tell him that his class doesn't exist and that it's all in his mind.
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Get him the Dinosaur Comics book. Philosophical...TO THE MAX.

EDIT: ^aaah...solipsism. nice.
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I would think someone with a PhD in Philosophy would have read Nietzsche already.
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Well Camus essays at least, "The Myth of Sisyphis" is a great piece. But most of his writings are satires and not exactly philosophical writings. They contain ideas froms his absurdist philosophy, but are not specifically about it.
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Get him the entire Ender's Game series lol

AS funny as that is, it's true. Especially Speaker for the Dead through Children of the Mind sorta blew my mind the first time I read them (I was 13 btw).

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cant go wrong with that one, although he's probably already read it.

War and Peace. (by Tolstoy)
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Man, find out from him. maybe don't ask him, but find out from him...definitely the best way to go.

Though for a present, I would suggest getting him one of the "classic" philosphers you don't think he has much on.

Or perhaps a good idea would be something more to do with the history of philosophy? All the different ideas that spawned in ancient Greece or something. I think a history, and the impact philsophy has had upon the world might be a great read for someone who's probably already read a great deal of the philosphical "mainstays"
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