i apologize if this is the wrong place but when im making songs. ill make a part to a song but it seems i cant write anything that fits with that part. and even if there in the same key. whats goin wrong?
I know when that happens with my band we just say "Ok, lets do this again, but then when we get here you try something different" and it usually gets us something good within 2 or 3 tries.
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its like a writers block..i just stop what im doin, what a bit, then start again then it usually comes back to me

+1 happens to me ll the time
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i just hum something crazy, and if i like it. i will add it =] works good too
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I don't get your question...

In theory, almost every note fits into a scale, which gives it a different sound depending on the sound behind it.

Way too hard to begin to explain, but play it through scales, in the key that the chord is.
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