So which one is better? I've only played the ME-20, and it sounded alright (I didn't care for the dist much), but the reviews for the RP350 say it totally kicks ass. The store I went to didn't have it in stock, so I couldn't try it out. Any opinions? Anyone own any of these? I hear the editing software for the RP350 is simply amazing. The ME-20 is pretty new, and I couldn't find any quality reviews for it yet.

I'm leaning towards the RP350. They're both the same price.
I would buy the ME-20, Try the RP350, Dont rely on people opinions, i would try the Digitech RP350 before i buy it
I'm going to go back tomorrow, since they said they had a few coming in today sometime. I'll try it out then. I'm just a bit wary to buy a pedal that JUST came out. Could have bugs/glitches in it, and I wouldn't know it yet for the lack of good reviews, etc.
i havent tried either but i have the RP250 and the RP350 is the same thing plus more. after I took it to band practice, we automatically came up with tons of ideas for a lot of song ideas. It is amazing and im sure the RP350 is nothing but better
:stickpoke thats pretty much it
I have a cousin that uses the RP250 and I think it is awesome. But that is just an opinion. I personally use a line6 xpLive for my multi effects, I just wish it had a Whammy pedal effect.
well the digitech rp350 is better than the boss me-20

the only digitech product wich is better than boss lol...but man...never rely on ppls opinions...never...takes you to hell...its the worst thing to do...

do this instead....go to another store...and try out the digitech if you like it then buy it...if you dont like it as much...then buy the boss...

but ill tell you this...digitechrp rp 350 is digitech's best pedal ever...

but the me 20...boss has wayyy better products

thanks and break a leg with the effects
I can't wait to rip it up. My parents don't want me to buy it, but screw them I worked for it. It's gonna cost me a month's paycheck lol. I dunno. . .I'll have to try them both out again, side-by-side.
i really think you should get the rp350, because i have and it is perfect for me.
and i really think that this is the best mult-fx pedal out there (until now obviously)
RP x50's are the updated version to the last ones they put out. (eg:rp100,200) i enjoyed the tone of the rp50 when i used it so the 350 is bound to destroy. I'm using a zoom G2 which is pretty good too
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The RP350 will keep you busy. I got it over a month ago and I'm still not familiar with all of the amp models it has. Plus you can download presets from digitech's website if you're having trouble getting a good sound. Some of the presets it comes with don't sound real well but its easy to edit. Very user-friendly machine.
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well wats the news bro? you got it ?

Yeah, what did you decide on ME20 or Rp350??
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Just a quick question for the RP 350 guys. Does it lag? You know what I mean, does it have a moment of silence when changing presets?
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