This is kind of a weird song about discontentment and self-loathing, I guess. Sung in a voice like a combo of The Rolling Stones, Violent Femmes, and Elvis Presley, I guess... stuttering and kind of crazy.

The Judge

The prostitute asked the beggar-man,
“How can I become clean?”
Well, the rambler, he did reply,
“Just sh-sh-sh-shake it off!”

I’m twenty-five miles from my childhood home
And fixed to g-g-go ins-sane
The Joker’s on my shoulder
And the Judge is out to lunch

S-so I’ll just sh-sh-shake him off!

The soldier’s wife asked the congressman,
“When will my husband come home?”
That fox said through a toothy grin,
“He’ll be home by the Forth of July.”

But we all know, that’s a l-l-lie.

I’m twenty-five miles from Washington
And all them necktie p-p-politicos
The Crook is in the Capitol
And Judge is out to lunch

S-so I’ll just sh-sh-shake it off!

I’m one more mile from my childhood home
With every step I hate myself
B-because of what I do and do not do
The Judge’s come back just in time

S-so I’ll just scream and shout
A-and sh-sh-shake it off
Dem Dry Bones
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The song gives me a 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' vibe to me, however that being said you're going to need a better catch line than "S-so I’ll just sh-sh-shake him off!"

Just my thoughts.

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