A friend of mine is short on cash, and will basically get evicted unless he either starves or sells his guitar.

I've been looking for an affordable dreadnought for a while, since my acoustic is a classical/nylon. He's selling basically what I want, but I've never heard of the brand, haven't seen the guitar yet (he'll be in town in a week or so), and don't know much about the quality. My $120 Stagg has been through hell and back (including a three day car trip from Texas to Ohio, clear nail polish being slung across the room, being dropped, a cat sleeping in the cut away on a nightly basis, and so on.)

Assuming the guitar is in good shape, what kind of quality can I expect from a Blueridge? Can it take a pounding? Bascially, will it hold up to the kind of crap I've put my Stagg through?

EDIT: Well, it doesn't matter anymore. He sold it to someone else. Getting offered twice as much tends to happen.
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