I don't really know where this should go, but anyways, I'm looking to have a Destruction of equipment at the end of my next show on Saturday. Anyone have any FREE equipment they'd be willing to donate?
smash your own crap... no one is smashing my **** but me!
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Oh ****, I just found out I got pwned by Joey! Damn...

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GASPPPP! another one pwned by joey!

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Lulz Joey Is Teh Ownage I Want His Penus
Alright? I was just wondering if anyone had like, a $10 piece of **** to offer.
1. Dont bump more than 24 hours after your initial/last post.

2. And i believe this would fall under trolling.

Rule #3: no trolling.
I didn't think I'd have to ad this rule to the GEAR forum, but after that guy did "anyone with broken guitar I'll give you $0 for it"... its there.

face it man, no one on this site is going to donate their **** to you, your better off going to a flea market or pawn shop and getting cheap stuff.

that being said,

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