anyone have any personal experiences with this guitar? im looking to play only metal with this guitar. im looking for a metallica like sound. im also planning on buying this pedal with it : http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_boss_mt2_metal_zone_effects_pedal?full_sku=100020358

i own a pretty **** amp, a marshall mg15dfx (yes i know this forum hates mg's) but i dont want to buy another amp. max i can spend on guitar is 450 dollars. any suggestions/comments on the ibanez?
That guitar is like your amp, crap. get something used. hellraiser or something
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I have and I like it, but regret getting the flod rose. it is still sick if u want a floyd rose. I love it nice tone, good distorted

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If you are looking to spend $450, I would say get a RG321MH and slap the EMG 85/81 pups in it. I would seriously look at a new amp though...Used 5150 if you don't mind bad cleans, or a Peavey Windsor. It will make a much bigger difference than new pups.
I own that guitar, but the lower version, i.e. no whammy bar, regular bridge, etc.
And I absolutely love mine. I can play anything with it, and it can play with the best of them, destroyed all other guitars at the $350 range. If you want to save some money, i'd go ahead and get the 350 dollar one, because after playing both, I didn't think the 100 bucks made too much of a difference. Except I miss my whammy.
Its a great guitar for older metal, like metallica, but if you're looking at that newer thrasher junk, a good guitar is a Schecter Omen. If I were you, i'd go try a bunch out, cuz its all on the player. If you want a great metal guitar, Ibanez Iceman guitars are cheaper if you buy them used, and they are pretty amazing for their price.
Like I said, go try a bunch out. Its the best way to decide what you like.
Yea...if u wanna play metal...go with the EMG-KFK set...it has a Gain booster(SQUEELIES R FUN!!!) dont get a guitar based on its look...my les paul looks good...but sounds like ****e...get a good sounding guitar...something that comes stock with emg's...Honestly tho i like the Zakk wylde pedal...that metal zone isnt good...Its better to but just a half stack amp with effects in it.
I got it a few weeks ago while I was on holiday in America. I'm not sure of the price because I am Australian (most $400 guitars go for $1000+ in Australia) and I'm not sure what the money might be worth to you, but it was worth every dollar to me. It looks awesome and the bridge is not as bad as everyone says it is.

However, I haven't really played that many other guitars, and I haven't had it very long either.
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well, a second option i was looking at is this Schecter Damien FR :


features :

* Arched basswood body
* Bolt-on rock maple neck
* Rosewood fingerboard
* Extra-jumbo frets
* Floyd Rose locking tremolo
* 25-1/2" scale
* EMG H4 bridge and EMG H4A neck pickups
* Black hardware
* Black pearl bat inlays

it has all the features im looking for, any opinions?
that one doesnt have a bad LFR, and they are well liked around here.
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Quote by guitar_infidel
that one doesnt have a bad LFR, and they are well liked around here.

whats lfr stand for?