hey, i am in a band, and i play guitar and sing. well, i am having a little bit of a writers block, and i cant think of anything to write about. but anways, i was wondering how all of you think of lyrics and stuff. for me, it all varies. sometimes, i can just make up a poem, and then later put some guitar to it. sometimes, i just come up with some guitar part and make sure lyrics to it. how do you guys do it?
There is no "way" to write songs man. You just do it.

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Well, personally I write about things that matter to me. Love, hate, fear, obsession, controversy and excellency.

Look at System of a Down and their take on the Armenian Genocide.
i normaly just write what ever i think of, some of it is pretty crap other stuff can be good.

but i find i can write best when i'm playing a tune or something, i just never write it down..lolz
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^^ sloopy's right there is no way to just write songs i mean we could list how we take the process and get down to working on lyrics but theres no point in it, i mean we can all go "oh great, now i'm stuck with writers block" and we start complaining, trying to get all up and angry about it, or other times we get down about it but.. as much as with music its full of emotion, we just go back to our roots, i mean back when i did have writers block once, i'd lock myself in my room and just listen to the band that inspired me most, for hours on end, just laying there listening getting back to what its really about, fact is

THERE IS NO WAY TO SAY "THIS IS HOW TO WRITE A SONG" its not about following a step by step instructions to write music, its about expressing yourself, and getting back to what really matters, not selling out and having to complain and find this "#1 way to write music" you use google or whatever, people well give you step by step instructions to which by all means is pathetic because as i said,

theres no way on how to write a song, just go back to why you started writing in the first place, and write about it, hell with a band, even try to go with a certian theme, but dont be stale, make new things but its all about.. just going back to your roots, yeah its probly alot to read right now but i mean it, start expressing yourself, in how you write and dont sit around going "oh i can't write a song, there has to be some prooven way" there isn't,

we all have different styles, we all have different, abilities, but like i said, just write how you feel, and what you want to say, that in its own, sometimes the song sucks but, it has atleast some worth to you,
Sloopy is right. There is no set Way to write. Just put what you feel into your songs/poetry etc. and then it should just flow. I like to write poetry and then right the music to go with it. But im heavily influenced by Morrison, Floyd, etc.

Write to Express yourself. Not To Please others.

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Good Luck!