well my friend and i have decided we would like to get an apartment or rent a trailer or something. i make about $1100 bucks a month and he makes around 900. we have been looking at the classifieds and most of the 2 bedroom places around where we live are like $275-350 a month. which is pretty cheap. i am just curious how much you all pay a month in rent. if you could include your utilities and such. thanks
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$1150/month for this ****hole. Utilities included though
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i live in southern california.

$1150 a month which includes water. I have to pay electricity however.

I wish to god I could get a place for $350 but thats impossible in L.A.
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waaaay to ****ing much! i pay about 1100 for rent, tv, and phone. for a basement apartment in a one horse ****hole of a town in ontario. for the same money in my home town (winnipeg) i could get 3 bedrooms on the 25th floor with underground parking and a ****ing dishwasher in the kitchen.

but check out the neighbourhood first, you dont want to live in the ghetto. puffy and 50 cent make the ghetto look really cool,but a drug bust lasts all night and you are going to have to get up the next day to go to work/school.
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i live in va, so i guess our cost of living is much less than everyone elses...but i guess it sorta evens out, if someone out in cali makes like 23 bucks an hour but pays 1000 bucks a month for rent, its sorta the same for a guy who makes 10 bucks an hour and pays like 300. i suppose its all relative....in some way.
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My mortgage is 1375 a month
cable is i think 118 with internets
electricity is usually around 100 in the summer a little cheaper in the winter
650 rent. phone internet 99.00 and electricty 90 a month. i live in MA
I pay around £350 for accomodation and water, electricity is about £140-£180 per quarter depending on the time of year.

Don't have phone or internet at the moment. But this is temporary accomodation while i do an industrial placement in England.

Another 3 weeks and I'll be living for free with my parents once more with full internet capabilities again (Yay!)
$100 a week, including free cable/broadband, a 54" plasma, huge surround system and all meals cooked for me. I love having rich Godparents =]
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Five of us got a house for $1800. It's a 4-bed and I'm sharing my room, so I only have to pay $275. Utilities are not included and everyone pays about $15 every other month for city fees. And we have to mow our own lawn
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£800 a month. About £50-60 a month for gas, £30 for electricity, £30 for NTL/internet. Between four people.
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I live in a decent apartment outside of Philly with a buddy of mine. I pay about $700 a month in rent with utilities. The apartment itself is about $1000, TV is $100, and electric/water is about $100.

Just pick something that won't make you broke. This was really good for my price range, but I know friends who picked ones that are too high and now they basically work to live there and that is about it.
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£370 a month and then there's council tax, TV Liscence, phone bill, mobile bill, Travel to work, food, food for pets and of course beer tokens.
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I pay £250 a month, but live with three others who also pay £250/month.
each. So The flat is £1000/month.
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Living at home at the moment.

Lost my job, so:

Income Per Week : $0


Rent: $50/week
Petrol: $60/week
Food: $40/week

I've chewed through all my savings for an LS1
UG BLS Chapter.
puffy and 50 cent make the ghetto look really cool

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