Hi everyone, I'm new here so I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this.

I found this song one day and ever since I've been dying to know who performs it so I can look for the tab.

Classical - pachelbel's canon in d (rockin' electric guitar)

sometimes you can find it as Yngwie Malmsteen - Canon but it doesn't really sound like something that his majesty Yngveh would play (far too melodic and slow ).

The song totally kicks ass and in my opinion is WAAAAAAAY better than the one by JerryC.

here's the links:
Link 1
Link 2 (listen to it online)

Anyone willing to tab it?

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right here at UG. but the jerryC one, the funtwo tab hasn't been posted.

dude, hes asking for the yngwie one, not the jerryc one. tho IMO jerryc's one is better
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this one is much more subtle and builds up nicely. fantastic sound too. on what kind of guitar do you think this was recorded?
why do you guys think that jerryC's version is better? i think funtwos is better.and i havent heard yngwies.