...it is to me!
i dont get this problem anywhere on the fretboard,absoluetly nowhere,but on this particular fret,i get no sustain,i daresay my acoustic sustains more,and the note dissolves into a harmonic very quickly,i dunno whuts wrong with it!
and its not an old string,ive just restrung
and its not a low action problem,my action isnt that low,and the problem isnt anywhere else
so,what do i do now?
Who you gonna call?
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take it to a shop, easiest way to fix things, may cost a little more, but if you screw something up, its gona cost u alot more.
my guess is its on the fret like the little metal bar thing get a fret file [they exist] and file it.
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Who you gonna call?


so,it doesnt seem like something i can solve on my own,i guess ill have to see someone about it,thanks anyway guys!
sounds like a fret might be lifting up and killing the note off. your frets may need work, or your neck might be doing funny stuff
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I've had this problem before, raising the action always worked.
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