ok im learning blackbird by the beatles but everytime i seriously try to learn a fingerstyle song thats no pick just flesh to steel. my fingers start swelling with white bubbles when it pops randomly this liquid comes out and whats left is a bubble shell i know theyre blisters but what can i do i still need to practice but playing it hurts too much...
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You pick much to hard lol, try playing very softly. Even if you cant hear yourself playing much just be very soft.
wear those things that people playing banjo's often wear.
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put superglue on your fingertips, works like a charm. Stevie Ray Vaughan did it awell.
Grow your nails. They don't need to be huge to be able to pick with em, just protruding over the fleshiness of your fingertip enough to catch the string. Beats getting blisters on your fingers and IMO sounds a lot cleaner than the muted sound you get from flesh.
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That's weird, because I got calluses on both my hands; one from fretting, one from picking.
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Wow, I can't even imagine the sensation of steel strings against all my fingers, I haven't cut my right hand nails short since about 1996, which is when I started playing. (I'm still rubbish but it's not for want of practice). The tips of my left hand have the fingerprints worn smooth in places. I like to think this might one day prevent me from being identified at a crime scene.
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Just move it around the fretboard
Ive been getting blisters on by strumming hand lately, especially on the thumb. I either pop them and go on figuring the pain makes the music sound better, or just leave them and try to make them into callouses. The best thing to do is stop playing that way until the blisters heal, but if you are getting blisters, you are using way too much pressure or attacking from the wrong angle. The more you play the more your fingers will become toughened from the strings, just don't get an infection. The only reason I'm getting blisters on my playing hand is because I'm trying to learn flamenco styles and I am also beating the loving hell out of the strings with my fingers, but enjoyment is more important than proper form sometimes.