Right, so I'm relatively new to amp buying. I've been playing a bass for four years this christmas, and guitar for a year come October. However, due to lack of any kind of money (I'm only turning 16 this year, not exactly a well off family, some of you probably know the situation) I only own a 10 watt Kustom Bass amp that came with my bass, and a 50 watt Poker bass, which is probably about 50 years old and sounds like taking a slightly musical dump.

Now, as I said, my 16th is coming up soon and I've been looking at the Line 6 Spider III range to invest in.

Now here's my predicament (yeah I took a while I know). As I don't know much about the ins and outs of amplification, my question is this:

Spider III 30Watt Combo amp


Spider III 75 Watt Head.

It's the head that's muddling me a bit - what am I sacrificing for those extra 45 watts at basically the same price?

Any and all advice appreciated!

I'd vote neither. What music do you play? There are alot better amps in the price range.
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well if you buy the head, you need a cabinet to go with it. it's a lot more money. and I didn't know that the spider III 30 watt was a bass amp. I have one for my guitar amp, but for bass you should really try something else


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So I NEED the cabinet for the head? I can't just play out from the head?

& Yeah I'm talking about the guitar amp, there is no bass one that I know of.

& Any suggestions of better ones then?
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It's the head that's muddling me a bit - what am I sacrificing for those extra 45 watts at basically the same price?


And in either case, you're sacrificing tone.

In this class of amps, the Roland Cube or Vox Valvertronix is generally the suggested way to go. In the same price range, you might be able to find something like a used Fender Blues Jr., which would blow any of these other amps away. I'm an adult, with a decent job, and I always buy used. It's the absolute best way to get the most for your money.
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Ahh I was looking at the Rolands and the Vox's too actually. I know a few people who have been really impressed with Roland and I've read some really good reviews on the Valvetronixs.

& Yeah, good idea with the used stuff, didn't occur to me. I'll have a look around.

Thanks all so far keep any ideas coming.