I'm just adding a thread to promote my band Lazy J. We a single coming out in a few weeks you can get all the relevent info by visiting www.myspace.com/thejgame.
Our influnce's are Janes Add, RHCP, P-Funk, Reef, STP, RATM, James Brown, etc.
Always interested to hear what people think, good or bad.

I really like it Funky Funky
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Wow, funk rock is my favourite genre! I really like this. Tis like old Chili's, with James Brown on vocals.
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Sounds quite good.
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If anyone wants more info on the band just message your email to our myspace and we'll get back to you.
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that´s okay but there´s nothing unique, no own vocal-style, no pregnant bass or guitar....but so far not bad

They're a whole lot better than your band assuming thats your band in your sig.
wow you guys rock... very Chilis/ Janes addiction, just noticed your on the Uk too, will have to try to catch you live. Whereabouts are you based?
Wow I love it!
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You guys sound great, I really like it.
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Nice job guys!
your stuff is really good, keep on good work
Funk Rock! The Best Genre!

You Guys Rock.
This is just unacceptable:
Very impressive. I think you've just made me realize I need to do some real badass funk music like this.
Thanks for your responses. If you like what you heard spread the word, we could do with help
Listened to your tracks on Myspace, lovin the Funk dudes !!!
Is there anywhere i can download the tracks cause i want them on my MP3 so that i dont have to keep logging in to Myspace.
Tracks are available at ditto music, details on myspace, you can also order new single by texting 'lazy j' to 82822. Hope that helps
Nice! The obvious comparison would be the Chili Peppers, but there's plenty of originality in there too. Like the Frusciante-esque vox on '3 state mind'. Great slappin' too, that's always the most hit-or-miss part of funk, but you've got it pretty sorted.

Good luck to ya...
yeah i thought the chilis too obviously, although the middle section of 3 State mind is def like Janes Addiction....You never told me where you guys were from in the UK cause id love to catch you live.
Wow this is really sweet. Three state mind reminds me of the arctic monkeys
Damn dude, this is fantastic! Both songs are great! It really is very RHCPish, and I love it. Heck, even the vocals were spot on, it fit the mood perfectly.

If I had a credit card, I would buy both songs.
Thanks for all your feedbackso far. We come from the West Mids in England in answer to sneeky devil.
When you guys have everything done, you should put yourself on iTunes. But one bad thing, someone else already has the name Lazy J and it's like rap.....
play that funky music, white boy!

but seriously, it sounds like a cross between the tempstations and 80's RHCP. its great.

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awesome dudes,
Im in Birmingam (UK), seen that your playing there this coming Friday on your Myspace page, going to try to get over to the gig and bring a few mates with me.
You guys make me want to go and listen to Bloodsugar Sex Magik from start to finish when i hear your stuff.
Really great stuff. Always love finding funk bands on UG, especially when they're from the UK. I'm in a funk band, and I might have called it funk rock prior to hearing your material, butit'd be a stretch by comparison. I'll go with jazz funk, anyway click here if you're interested.

Keep it up!
holy **** nice bro im not that into funk rock but i like rhcp and hendrix but holy **** you guys are good you have like the lead singer or kyuss's voice sort of
thanks for that lazymjp
looks like we are def coming over to the gig Fri, so ill make sure i come over and say Hi !!
Keep rockin and funkin hard boys
funkin hell boys,
The gig last night was awesome, honestly for an unsigned band you were incredible....probably one of the top 5 live bands i have seen !! We couldnt stop laughing when Ugly Phil the Dj from Kerrang FM got up to introduce you....you guys are obviously doing something right!!
Oh and the girl shaking her as5 right in front of the stage was my Gf, so i think she enjoyed it too !!
Deffo gonna catch you guys again next time your playing in Birmingham
Glad you enjoyed it sneeky, it was good to meet you and your mates, and yeah please bring your GF to all of our gigs from now on, we need more eyecandy !!
Thanks for all of the great comments guys, just to let you know that our Debut single She Says, and the bonus track 3 State Mind are both now available to download from iTunes. Just click on the iTunes Store, search for Lazy J and obvioulsy we are the UK Rock Band, not the US Rapper !!
lol...yeah she was raving about you guys, so i dont think you will have any choice abuot her being at more gigs inthe future.
Good luck with the single guys, hope you sell loads.
Hi guys
Just letting you know about an upcoming Lazy J gig this coming Friday 9th Nov
I know some of you have enquired about when we were playing in London next so here you go....would love to see some of you there !!

Upcoming Lazy J gig -
Friday 9th November,
Storm , Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LE (next to Capital Radio)
On Stage at 9.30

Lazy J