I don't really know much about strings and I need some help. I recently bought some Ernie ball hybrid slinky strings for my mark Hoppus sig bass. I managed to put the strings in and it sounded great. As I expected, the sound detoriated. Recently, I’ve found whenever I wipe the strings with a wet cloth, they make the same sound as they did when I originally bought them. The sound then detoriates again in a few minutes.

I was just wondering why this was and also if there was anyway to keep them sounding that good for a longer amount of time.

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I believe wiping your string with a wet cloth will cause it to rust at a faster rate....but as to why...i really dont know
ok thankyou, i'll refrain from doing it again. It's just that the sound has become drab really fast and it's the only way I can seem to get a good sound.
Boil them for 5 mins in water with vinegar.
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I recently bought some Ernie ball hybrid slinky strings

Ya I buy the super slinky strings. After a while, you do lose that crisp sound. Its just something you have to deal with. I would like to have new string every month, but for $45 dollars, its very expensive.

My only suggestion is to look forward for when you get new strings.

BTW, when did you put them on?
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Boil them for 5 mins in water with vinegar.

No, no, no! Water + metal = rust, vinegar = acidic, metal + boiling temperature = brittle metal. Check out www.tunemybass.com . He has a very good system for getting strings clean.
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I put them on about a month ago. yeh they're just as expensive here in the UK.
Well I haven't boiled them yet so i'lll check out that website.
I personally like the sound when they've been semi-worn out. It's a lot more organic...

Sure, it might sound cleaner or crisper with new strings, but if you play around with them when they're not clean/crisp, you might find that you like that sound better...
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Yeh that is what I did do at first, but it just seems to have gone dead very quickly, espeically the E string. I'll just have to put up with I suppose.
thanks fo rthe help guys!
Unless you downtune I think super slinkies would be better for you, but thats just me, as thefitz said, tunemybass is a good site.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
thanks for that, next time I buy strings i'll get super slinkys, see if I prefer them!