...anything about unlocking a phone?

And how to do it...for free?
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Assuming you entered the wrong pin just phone your service provider and they'll give you a code (PUK code).

If you enter that in wrong (i think it's 5 times) you'll have to buy a new SIM card.
It matters what service you have. google "unlocking *phone model here*". It should work. Or, you can call your service provider and they might be willing to give you the code. If they say no, tell them you travel alot and need to use other sims in different countries.
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It only costs about 7 quid near where I live. You can usually insert a code from google, easy to find , but you usually need another crappy old phone to link up to it to input the code. With a data cable etc.
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well at York Market (about 30 min drive from me) they do it for about a fiver, depending on model, but i got my old phone unlocked, which were a Nokia 70 something, and that was a fiver, so quit good (Y)

reccomend just about any market stall!
Yeah , I had one done for a fiver, but some models are ten. Depends whereabouts and what model.
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I can't get a "dodgy" site for my phone model.

(Motorola locked on Orange )

Help is appreciated...
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