No, if you're a girl.
yes, it is normal
depending on which hand you use to...you know....then yes, it does tend to bend a little in one direction or another
possible solution: try switching hands for a while
I wouldnt call it ''normal'' but seriously, it's fine. you have nothing to worry about, it happens to some people.
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mi penz0rz bndz up iz tihz nrmlz??????

My pen0r kind of curves up...
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I met this chick I really liked and wanted to practice sex, so I practiced on some guy I met at a gas station...
You need top start ass-raping children the other way up. It bends to the left because the continual penetration all the way into their sigmoid colon has trained it to grow that way.
What you need is some icy hot and possibly a mudkip.

I take offense to the word sprockety.

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No, if you're a girl.

plus 69
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why are metal musicians prone to fatness?
Cause there music is heavy.

Writing music is hard D: