Hello fellas!

I have been working on this new song for a while, with a help of a friend I finally finished it. This song features my first attempt with piano, and also it's the one where I used more instruments than anyone before. It have some 'tallica/Gun's influence, hope you like it. CRIT 4 CRIT
Beyond Midnight.zip
Thanks for the crit on my song.
Now, i kinda liked the chorus, everything was in order there. with some vocals and itll be pretty good. Other then that you got some strange choise of notes, and quite often land on dissonant and ofkey notes, which isnt realy plesent for the listner. Also you do some strang things that ruins for the riff. Like in the intro, its pretty good at first (but you shold change the timesig to 3/6) and then at bar 5 you stop the beuty and do some ****.
Solo is pretty much all offkey, but the lead it self works, but when in combinatin with the rest of the instruments it gets dissonant and offkey.
So realy, in this song all i realy liked was your chorus, and that was realy good.
Hmmm. I didn't really like the intro piano part. It sounded really off-time and kinda awkward. Like Jonjy2 said, it seems like it all sounded off key. In my opinion, it flows OK. Not that bad. I don't like the first solo. Sounds really strange and off-key again. Measure 58 is 66 is ok. The solo at 66 is terrible. I'm sorry but it just doesn't feel right at all. Feels disjointed and off-key again. Not a fan measures 74-92. A bit awkward again. Measures 95-106 are OK. It gets a bit better there. The outro is good though. Really cool. Overall I'd probably have to give this song a 5 out of 10. Has some good parts, some bad, but more bad. Fix up your solos and and the intro and it would be better

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