I'm beginning my search for a new electric. Looking for something between $600 and $800 US. I've looked at the Schecter C-1 Classic and a couple Jackson's, but all suggestions are welcome.

I currently play out of a Peavey Classic Chorus 212 amp. I play a variety of music (from 311, to Black Sabbath, to Metallica, to Zeppelin, to Neil Young) so I would like a guitar with a lot of versatility.

Thanks in advance.
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RG series ibanezes are amazing guitars. if you can afford one in the prestige series, i'd at least try it out.
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Get a Jackson, and kick anyone who says Jackson is built ONLY for Metal in the balls. Jackson has quite a solid low/mid range.
i heard that jacksons have a problem with the volume knob, it does something so you can change the volume on the guitar, it doesnt come like this it's a fault that happens so ive heard
Most Jacksons are only for Metal.

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look at the schecter c-1 hellraiser. its a pretty bad guitar.

+1!!!! I am with this guy!
my friends brother has a jackson randy rhoads v, its a pretty badass guitar he got it for 699 so it fits ur price range, and it plays other ganres other than metal
also, it u dont like that PRS and ibanez make some pretty bad guitars too, and a cookie to the guy who said schecter hellraiser
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Most Jacksons are only for Metal.

Come on, bring on the ball kicking. Oh wait, you can't. We are on the internet. And you can E-kickmyballs.

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What's the problem with the volume knobs?
i knwo some one who has one and he told me that say you ormaly have your volume at ten after a while like wear and tear kinda thing it stops working so you can roll back your volume to get a clenaer sound it's just stays the say as it would at 10, he sayed he's heard hat happen about a few jacksons
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You could always try a LAG guitar; i have one and it's the most comfortable guitar i've ever used. Most of them have 24 frets and the one i have is strung through the body so sustain is good. I replaced the pickups on mine but the stock ones seemed fairly good (better than any ibanez stock pups!).
This site sells LAG's: http://www.tonezonemusic.co.uk/guitarbrandsearch.asp?ManufacturerID=1
At least check out the JM100 it rocks IMO
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Ibanez RG is the most common response to every question on this board, Ibanez is insanely overrated