Hey all! Could some genius with ears of gold help me out on this one? I've been trying to get down the chords to The Supremes' "Run Run Run", which you can hear for yourselves right here. Most of it is straightforward, but there's one chord I'm having a lot of trouble with. It's the second chord of the instrumental introduction, which gets reprised more prominently in the verses (on the lines "he finally kissed me" and "I'll get my diary"). The only thing I'm relatively sure about is that the root is B (the song is in Eb). My first guess was that it's a B-major chord (a bVI), but that doesn't sound quite right, so I'm thinking it's something diminished or half-diminished or there's elevenths in there or something really weird. Can anyone help me out here? Much appreciated!

(Oh, and it's a great song, too!)
You mean B augmented? I tried that, but that didn't sound right either. Thanks for replying, though!

Edit: Tried it again. It IS B augmented. Thanks so much! Love your picture and tagline, by the way.
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