i was wonderin does anybody kno the age where ppl stop growing??

o also im 15 and 5 ft 6 (168cm) whats the chance of me even growing to 6 ft (183cm)?
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wont different people stop growing at different times

i'm 17 and 188cm

dunno if im still growing..
18 - 193cm - 84kg ^^. You need proteïns. It'll get you buff too.

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17 - 5 ft 7. So you have nothing to worry about..
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I am 6ft. EXACTLY.
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i was 15 and 5ft6 once aswell. now im 16 and 5 ft 7. you wont get much bigger, i doubt you'll reach 6 ft but theres a chance. i dont expect too. theres nothing wrong with being small.
i'm fifteen and i'm 6ft 3", and doctors seem to think there's no reason i shouldn't go another couple of inches....

but anyway, to answer you're question, its usually around 20, or 21
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I turn 16 thursday, I am 5'10" 200lbs. I stopped growing height wise when I was 13 but I continue to put on muscle weight.
I'm 16, and only 5'4'', 140lbs.

It really depends on your family. Right now I'm maybe a tiny bit taller than my mom, but a few inches shorter than my dad.
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I seem to remember that your feet stop growing before the rest of you does, so if you haven't gone up a shoe size for a while you're probably slowing down vertically.
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age 20 and 189.23cm (6 foot 2.5 inches)


I'm 19 and 5ft 3
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Im 16 and 5'5, but everyone knows hair length is all that matters.
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14 and last time i checked i was 174cm
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17 6ft2 uhhhh somewhere between 170-200 pounds i think not sure on that... something oround 12 stone i havent weighed myself in ages.
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16 ,6FT 3 ,11st and still growing taller eat lots of meat full of protein and stuff helps you grow

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I'm 18 (19 in 19 days) and I'm about 5ft 9/10". I don't want to grow anymore either, this is the perfect height.
age 17 and 6' 5" or 6" ish
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Ive been 183 cm for 2 years... im 16 and 75 kg. People think ill get another inch or so...i dunno.
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13 yrs. and 6'1" (6 feet and 1 inches tall)



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17 and 6ft 1
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I'm 14 and I'm 5' 9"
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