Just rest and good old vitamin C and that jazz. If it's a virus infecting you anti-biotics won't do any good so go to the doctor before asking for them. It's common sense.
You could repent your sins to the Lord
George W. Bush for President 2012

We can do it if we work together!
oh god I'm relieved I thought this would be another long story about how you just got dumped or something..

but people asking UG for medical help is just as common/bad, so curse you vile weed!
Sudafed and a bottle of Power-C Dragonfruit VitaminWater. That combination has me feeling better in like, 10 minutes. Try it!
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nyquil + Theraful = mixed medicine highs! it got me through a week of the worst chest/sinus cold in history
Here's an idea, getting your ass off the computer

Lol just rest your butt in bed dude.