I'm planing on saving up to buy a tube amp. I recently tried the hot rod deluxe and loved it . the only thing I didn't like was it's lack of distortion. so I was wondering would I be able to to get a Angus Young/Slash type distortion using my dunlop ZW-44 Wylde overdrive? because the ZW-44 doesn't sound too great on my solid state amp but I heard that it's killer on a tube amp. Oh yeah I'll be playing it through a epip slash signature les paul.
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that zack wylde stuff usually isnt that great...

As for the amps natural drive, you wont be able to get hard rock or metal. Its got some amazing cleans and the reverb on it are great, but if your focused on hard rock and metal, the drive channels cant reach that, even with an OD pedal

As for a distortion pedal, I use one with mine, and it does get a metalish tone but is leaves something lacking... This amps overdirve is more designed for blues. I would recommend something that can handle gain, like a JCM
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