Im sure that this has been asked before, if so, sorry about that.

Anyway, Ive got three guitars, ive got one of mine in Standard, one at halfstep and one at a fullstep. My band really wants to move into Drop C stuff, and i was wondering if i should buy Heavys for my guitar thats a fullstep down for drop c. and would there be much of a difference in the feel of the strings, right now all of mine have mediums
You'd probably want to throw 12s or 13s on the guitar that you tuned for Dropped C.
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if you do soloing stuff with string bending - go 11's. else, go 12's or 13s.
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I use 010 Rotorsound Blues strings, and they work fine for drop C (the bottom is like 053 tho, a bit thicker than you usually have with 010)
in my experience if you down-tune that low with medium-gague strings you loose tone. so go for thicker gauges, least on one of them
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I personally use Ernie balls top light bottom heavy brand. Works enough for me
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