so im overhauling my squier, replacing the neck, the trem, and the electronics. i would like to use the parts i am replacing to build a guitar.

im looking on ebay for a neck, rosewood fingerboard. (62 reissue or a standard strat neck MIM)

guitarfetish.com, wilkinson vintage tremolo with pop in arm

guitarfetish.com for the pickguard and the pots and switches, my local guitar shop for either fender 57/62 pups or tex-mex

im looking for feedback on this, like which neck is better, or is it a matter of preference? also, which pickups, im looking for versatality.

is there a better part out there im missing? if so let me know.

also tell me your opinion on the project.

thanks in advance
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If you're going to replace all that you might as well just buy a MIM Strat. They can be had for ~$400 new and probably $250 used if you hunt around. You're going to pay at a bare minimum $100 for a used MIM neck and likely a little more unless you get lucky. Even then I might worry about a cheap "great deal" neck. The Wilkinson bridge costs about $60 too and then the pups on top of that. It sounds like if you just bought another you'd have two guitars for the same cost.

Edit - Regarding the pickups, I have Tex-Mex ones and they sound pretty good. They're alnico V's and they've got a little bit to them, especially the bridge, and definitely have a Strat sound. Nice quack in 2/4 as well. I've only tried the 57/62 ones once and they were more mellow to my ear but also a very nice sound. Just different. I will say that my Tex-Mex pups can produce some really gritty overdriven sounds too in addition to their nice clean tones.
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man I'm doing the same thing to my old strat knock off. If I were you I'd order the eden paddle neck. it cost me 60 can shipped and is an amazing neck.
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