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What tuning is your primary bass in right at this moment?

Drop C for me.

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Standard and Drop D
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5 string low to high A D A D G <<(what is this tuneing called?)
4 strings are standard
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ok im a noob at slapping. Is it my strings or do i just suck at slapping? I have a squier fender J bass(im a noob). Im thinking of getting Ibanez GSR200

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EADG, DADG and CGDA are the ones I flit between.
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Depends on what I'm playing. I like using E A D G, sometimes i drop it to D or C.

And if i really want a deep tone, i go B E D G.
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Standard, considering dropping to D.
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5 string low to high A D A D G <<(what is this tuneing called?)
4 strings are standard

A D A D G is Drop D tuning, There are two variations of this tuning. Drop D standard (BDADG) or Asus4(ADADG). That particular tuning is the Asus4 variation of Drop D.

and on topic...BEADG, and my 4 string is in no tuning at all, the strings are just setting there getting Rusty and detuning slowly, and they are loose as hell by now. I shall call that tuning "Fieldy" I guess.
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Standard... I hate playing tunes which call for tuning...
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ABG - Open A Flat
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Stingray- Half-step down
Precision- Whole step down or standard with ancient petrified flatwounds
Jazz- Standard
Jazz V- Whole step down, gospel-style
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5-string #1 ADGCF
5-string #2 BEADG
4-string #1 CGCF
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Standard, I rarely venture out of it unless playing Guns n Roses, when I'll switch to Eb or sometimes I'll play drop D.
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I hate de tuning my bass.
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Fender - concert pitch, B.C.Rich - C/F/A/E. Tho my long-suffering Squier Tele that I write with is tuned in various odd ways (D/G/D/G/C/E at the mo, also using C/F/C/F/A/D), I never have any real problems doing the bassline with the stock tuned Fender. If it's getting a bit too high up the fretboard, I give it a bit more disto and put the octaver on...instant grunt!
my band bass is in drop D and my everything else bass is in E standard
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I think mine's in standard... Can't remember if I had to downtune last night...
Don't shoot officer! I swear she came on to me! Oh... standard
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no clue. whatever it got switched to. i never play in tune its funner to see what improvs i come up with when its out of tune. my favorite youtube headline "out of tune but not out of style" haha
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