ok so my bands first show is coming up this saturday but unfortunately there is a funeral being held the same day for a family friend who just passed. my question is what would you do.

here are some things to think about.

-in some guys backyard
-not like a big production or anything
-its not that important for us yet.

-close family friend who i know for quite some time
-risk of having it on your conscience afterwards.

i wish i could attend both but i cant. i dont want to let my family down but i also dont want to let my band down. This may be a dumb question but which would you go to.
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You can hold a show anytime. Paying your respects properly to a close family friend you only get the one opportunity. It's an obvious choice.
Funeral. If you think you'll regret going then you probabaly will.
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funeral you greedy bastard. family first. then hard rocking in some guys backyard
I'd go to the funeral man, thats something big to have on your conscience, although if you go to ur gig you'll have mroe fun i think you'll rather in the long run going to the Funeral
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Funeral. Unless you pay your respects later at the graveyard but that doesn't have the same meaning in my opinion as attending the funeral.
funeral first, then show!
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Funeral, i'm sure your band will understand.

And if they don't I wouldn't advise playing with them anymore.
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Play the show

Nah i just said that to give a different answer than everyone before. Definitely go to the funeral
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And if they don't I wouldn't advise playing with them anymore.

yeah thats what i was thinking as well
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anyway that you could show up late to the guyss backyard?? you can just leg it to his house after the funeral

and you should play in tux's!!!! thatd be bad ass
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Alter Bridge, maybe?
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Go to the funeral man. That shouldn't even be a question.

funeral definitely.
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Rock out at his funeral.
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Funeral by far.

Think of the regret you will feel for not going. First shows have more than one opportunity, funerals dont.
**** em'. hes (or she) is dead. they dont know the difference. they probly would want u to rock.
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Your band will most likely have more shows, but there's only going to be one funeral so definitely go there.
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