Hey guys just wanting to put out some music from the band I'm in. We're out of Little Rock, AR but we currently don't have all the members we need -_-. These songs have the rough guitar tracks done and Acoustica Beatcraft drums and some of the bass but no vocals.


Post comments etc and a link to your band and I'll crit you as well.
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Thanks, the song 'No More' has the guitar tracks rerecorded and the bass will soon be added.
I like Hidden Message.

If your band has a myspace, I would post it, assuming you bother to post stuff alerting us of updates. It'll be easier to us (read: me) to follow you guys, and I definitely want to see where you guys go with this.
Thanks, the myspace were working on is :


but, we are going to change the "about us" section to news and updates soon so atm you cant really tell whats new and stuff :P
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in my opinion i cant hear the guitar that well at times the drums are too loud if you could possibly make the drum little less loud it would sound awesome cuz its covering the guitar at some thing i love the songs though sound very good =)
thanks, that's something i meant to ask about was the levels for each instrument. . .ill try to work on the volumes and reupload, but was it any song in particular or all of them?