Would you consider TYA a blues band or a rock band? Personally I think they're a blues band with a few rock songs but a few of my friends think otherwise so I want to know what you think.
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slightly off topic but i once heard alvin lee quoted as saying that if he played a bum note during a number then he made sure that he played it again so that everone thought it was intentional.

sounds like good advice to me.
I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes.
- Jimi Hendrix
I've never heard that, but I can definitely see him saying something like that.

In fact, I've heard guitarists who have messed up a note, but then played it multiple times so that it sounded as though it was intentional.

Alvin didn't mess up too often, though; at least not during any of the numerous recordings I've heard of the band. A lot of it was based on the fact that he had a small piece of wood shape like a guitar neck (with "frets) that he use to practice he fingering on during school.