i'm using gauge 8-42, i use to use 9's. Iam finding that the high E is somewhat harder to pick. is this possible ? i was easier with 9's, i just bought 8's to try them out and they are pretty bad..what i just wanted some1 else's opinion.
I personally prefer 11s or 12s. Just try out different string gauges and see how they work out.
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it probably doesnt matter, but, if you're used to something it will take a little while to get used to something different, so just give it a little time
i had 8s one time i hated them, 9s were ok, now im using 10s, i didnt like 12s though

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I don't like small string gauges, I find them flimsy and uncomfortable. I go with 52's. I shan't play anything bigger than that, though, as I only drop tune to D.

(Occassionally B, too, whenever I want something really heavy...)
Personally, I use 9's. I have a pack of 12's laying around, though, because I want to try them, but since I just replaced my strings, and I don't want to cut them so soon, I'll have to wait a while. But yeah, 9's are good, I'm scared of 8's, because even with 9's, i have a tendency to snap my D string.
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i get the big zakk wyled strings 60g the 70g didnt fit on myguitar
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so 10's are good? iam a prolly get 9's and 10's. thanks for the help
i use 9s n 10s there good,
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i hate small gauge strings. When im trying to do chords with .9s (i haven't even tried .8s) its always out of tune becuase i end up pushing to hard and accidently bend it out. and of course they break easier. .10's and .11s are perfect for me haven't tried .12 gauges either.
ive always used 9s, ive only broken 3 strings in 3 years as well so they dont break that easily, i like them for the easier bending and vibrato but i have always wondered about higher gauges being easier to pick because i would have thought they would fap about less