I wrote this in halfs, so it starts in one way, and ends in a different. I'm not sure if I like that but, meh. I'll go C4C.

Who'll Remember Yesterday

The phone rings with it’s cross to bear
There’s a party going down
and your expected to be there
pack an extra set
Just in case
With people getting hammered there’s no time to waste.

Time to get wasted
time to have a blast
maybe even get a piece of ass
If not than its all okay
you won’t remember it anyway

Let’s drink till we can’t stand straight
Collapse under our compressed weight
Stumble to regain composer
Get up, this time you’ll show her
Cause after all
you’ll be there to watch her fall
Point blame it’s supposed to be like this
Spread names of the guys she’s slept with
It’s all fun today
Cause who’ll remember yesterday?

Who’ll remember yesterday-ay-ay
you’ll just fade away-ay-ay
Another drink to burn you down
I don’t want you around
I found out what you’re going through
Pretty sure they knew it too.

so far away-ay-ay
You’ll fade away-ay-ay
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The second half seems a bit chopped up, but it sounds fun for the most part.

Add a Viking reference and you have the ultimate drinking song.
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^ Yep, that sounds about right.
the third bit sounds kinda rough, but maybe it sounds better with the melody, but i like the theme and think it should work pretty well