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Obviously anything by Rush.
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
+1 to gwar
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Dear Stoner Stone,
I have found in reading this post that you are lacking the intelligence of a normal person.
you need serious help, possibly involving a screwdriver, and a large piece of wood.
please, be deceased now.
thank you

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haha +100000000000000

horrid music, but they are very entertaining.

on a serious note, the best performances are put on either by Rush, Dream Theater, or Iron Maiden.
Pink Floyd In Pompeii
Led Zep at MSG
Sabbath In Paris
The Ants Go Marching In- Streetlight Manifesto
How many brothas fell victim to the streets?

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this is just another reason why i cant get enough of slash
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How 'bout Stevie Ray Vaughan, when he's with Double Trouble, and does a 12 minute cover of "Voodoo Chile"?

That was amazing.
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this is just another reason why i cant get enough of slash

That was awesome!!!
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Okay, i found the best performance of any band........ever.

Ooo, but what about Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence in its entirety on the same DVD? That performace is SO fucking KICKASS, and it all just comes together when Portnoy jumps off the drum stool and SMASHES that gong!
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She sucked your dick after you put it in her ass..?
Thats love.

Date idea?
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Sneak into mordor
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At least you're thinking out of the box.

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Radiohead playing Fake Plastic Trees at Glastonbury in 2003. In the third verse when Jonny begins to solo and Thom's voice just rings, I feel tears coming. Thom Yorke is a god.

Also, Tool playing Lateralus.
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How about...Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run?
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Led Zeppelin at Knebworth Park (seen on the Led Zeppelin 3 disc DVD)
Any of Pink Floyd's performances of The Wall
And The Who's 1970 concert at the Isle Of Wight Festival
Dream Theater's "The Spirit Carries On" from Scenes 2000 dvd.

gets me every ****ing time.
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Bitches be Crazy.

Neil Young is always powerful live.. when I saw him he blew me away with his passion.

EDIT: Also, see link in my sig.
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Hey look, a stoner/doom album.

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