Look, I'm gonna be brutally honest with you here guys...

I absolutely LOVED it! I've already sent you a friend request, I really enjoyed listening to your track, produce a few more tracks like that and you have the potential to achieve great things!

(btw the freaky goth lookin guy that sent u a friend request, thats me, with heavy special effects on me, I dont actually look like that, lol)
Thanks so much guys...I'm so glad u liked it! BTW any1 know af any cheap studios in the PA area? This was just done on a Boss Br-600. Feel free to hook me up...need connections lol.
That song was awesome! The bass is great, I love how it plays faster, punchier notes and goes so well with the soothing sounds from the guitars, definetely good ****, though in my own opinion it would sound better with some sort of subtle ending, like, a small drum roll ending with a simple strum on whatever chord as opposed to just fading out, but all the same, that kicked ass.
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