I'm planning on repainting my first bass, a 4-string Peavey milestone. It has 2 J-style pickups, and I've already converted it to fretless.

I'm planning on removing the pickguard, filling in the cavity for the neck pickup, and having only a bridge pickup. I'm going to make a control plate out of plastic, and I'm gonna use a single EMG jazz pickup, the vintage style in the bridge position.

No pics yet, still in the sanding process, and it's taking a long time. I'll post a pic when I'm done sanding, and more when I fill the cavity.

Also, I'm still thinking about what the finish will be... any suggestions? I don't like anything too strange looking, although eccentric finishes are nice... I'm really fond of Gibson's faded cherry colour, but I'm open to sugestions. And since it's fretless, would painting the neck work? I'm not worried about finish coming off, since I use flatwounds.

Thanks everybody!
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