Epiphone Valve Junior.
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Epiphone Valve Junior
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Oh, and I have a Squier VM Jazz Bass too.
Yeah, the Valve Junior and ValveKing are pretty good. If you want heavier distortion tones, though, I'm pretty sure you'd need a pedal.
Maybe you'd be satisfied with the valvekings, but I know I wasn't.
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Fender Champ 600 if you're really into cleans.
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Crate V8 would be a great choice in my opinion.

The VJ would be excellent as well depending on what you play. It may be a little too loud for the bedroom though to crank
The best one i think is the Fender Pro Junior. It's 15 watts into a 10 in speaker (8 ohms). It is quite enough for your room, but it is also great for jamming. It is sooo sweet.

If you want to go a little bigger go with the Finder Blues junior. Its got more tone control and gets lider. But still smal enough for your room. I have some demos of the blues JR. on the site in my sig...
For the bedroom you will need a master volume. While the Epi and the Fender Champion 600 both sound great, neither have one. The Peavey Valveking Royal 8 ( also has a headphone jack but only an 8" speaker) and Crate Palamino (has a 10" speaker but no headphone jack) have masters. All four list for $200 USD. Any of these would be great for blues.