I'm just getting into acoustic guitar playing and i want to work on my finger-picking. Could anyone suggest a song or two that would be pretty simple, that are classical, and use finger-picking? Thank you.
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Dust in the wind by Kansas, its the same pattern over and over, but the chord changes while fingerpicking might help you out.

A more advanced one is classical gas by Mason Williams.

The first song I ever learned fingerpicking was blackbird by the beatles.

Hope that helps

stairway is a good one. simple man by lynyrd skynyrd, dust in the wind by kansas. if your new to fingerpicking all songs will probably be hard at first. just practice it slowly its pretty much just patterns with you picking hand and chords with your fretting hand(sometimes your fretting hand moves too). you could do hey there delilah by plain white t's to start. its pretty much just straight eighth notes but it will help you start.
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