Hey, I am part Malagasy (from Madagascar) and I've always wanted a guitar made there. My mom traveled and bought from a professional guitar maker there and bought me a hand crafted acoustic/electric for $45 american (the exchange rate is ridiculous). Anyway, I've never played an acoustic/electric before but something about the electronics is strange. First off, instead of the input jack being in the strap pin, its where it would be on a Les Paul. That's cosmetic though, when I plugged the guitar into my Fender Bassman 50 it sounded like metallic crap. Weird thing is, when I knock on the headstock I hear it through the amp crystal clear. What kind of pickup system is it? Piezo?

Also, are acoustic electrics supposed to sound bad through a regular guitar amp? Should I invest in an acoustic guitar amp?

I plan on performing a couple of acoustic pieces live when my band plays in the city labor day weekend...
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If you don't see the pickup then it's piezo. It sounds like it doesn't have a preamp on the guitar, which is why it sounds like crap. Piezo pickups by themselves sound "quacky" or metallicy, it wouldn't when you hit the headstock the sound is dull so you don't here anything wrong, but when you play the strings you get a lot of treble which is why it sounds bad. mess with the settings on your amp for less treble.
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