Hello I just signed up here. It seems like a nice spot to talk about music with people.

Well I had a few questions about buying guitars. Im trying to find out if and how I can get a guitar with a color that isnt an option at Guitarcenter or another store. Is it possible? How would I do it?

Im asking this because I was thinking of getting a Gibson SG Standard, but I wanted a Classic White colored one. Ive seen a few around but its not an option in stores. So yeah, thats why I was wondering if I could get one and how. Also, I wanted to see if i could still get a Gibson SG Standard in the Silverburst color before the white, because the silverburst is just great on the sg.



O shoot, i think i posted in the wrong area, sorry if i did, please move it, thanks.
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dude ur gonna have to go to the storre and look around, all u can really do
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Your best bet is to go to your local music store and look around. The only SGs i've seen in those colors are epiphones but you might get lucky and find what you need.
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=/ well i should go around to more stores, thanks though. Ive only mainly been to a few local guitar shops and the guitar center near me. Its just that i already have an Epiphone SG in black and i didnt really want another one that was black. Also i dont like the other colors as much though.

so thanks, i probably will look around more.
go to a bigger store that stocks a lot of gibson products and see if they can order you one special if they don't have one.