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I have a little 15 watt solid state amp that i use for messing around by myself but went i want more volume or jamming with some friends i run my guitar to my pedals and then to my macbook and into a stereo amplifier into large yamaha speaker cabinets. I like it because using garage band's effects and cabinet simulators i can get some really cool sounds and have sweet presets for different sounds I like, but i dislike that i have to walk up to it and use the mouse to change sounds. So i got thinking about how i could find a way to make some sort of pedalboard! The first step would be to find someway to use keyboard input to change the channels, this is where apple script may come in, i have used apple script to mac some things for quicktime but im not sure if there are any commands for garage band that would be usefull, any ideas people. Next for the pedalboard i would get an old usb keyboard, take off all the keys and find a way to connect a momentary on push switch into the circuit for what ever keys i decided on. Then i could all house it in some sort of box. Then run the keyboard through an extension to my macbook.

Comments or Suggestions, thanks!
i used the apple script dictionary and i found a bunch of definitions but i'm not quite sure how they can be used because it doesn't give discriptions of how they are used
I don't think a macbook would be fast enough to process that much in realtime without at least some delay, and would probably just jar every 2 seconds. You could try it, but you'd be much better running it through a macbook pro or a decent desktop.
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ghetto solution: http://createdigitalmusic.com/2007/08/02/get-loopy-with-the-diy-10-ableton-footcontroller-no-soldering-required/

less ghetto solution: get a MIDI pedalboard controller thing (http://www.zzounds.com/item--BEHFCB1010 is cheap if you're going new, might be able to find something chap used) and a midi interface for your computer (most of the USB/Firewire audio interfaces also give you a MIDI port).
I can't remember what the specific program is but there should be a way to program it so the buttons change patches or do any other stuff on your computer
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