i thought that was really cool, your playing is consistent and good pretty much throughout. You also have a pretty good voice, its definately not the easiest song to sing, but you made it your own. All in all, a real good acoustic version.
first off, pretty hard song to cover since there is very little actualy strumming. so give you props on that. Got to tell you I wasn't expecting it to be girl since it was a rhcp cover, and although I don't usually like female covers of the band, i thought it was pretty good actually. guitar is pretty consistent, did't speed up as far as I could tell so that's a good sign. couple mess ups early, but you straightened it out. voice is decent, didn't blow me away, but had a good sound if that makes sense. got the same static in the background I have, but that's probably just the recordin set up. al in all, good work, keep it up, look forward to hearing more from you, ossibly something that you can really belt out to get a clear picture of your voice.
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Sounded great!
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Awesome! Sounds a lot different, in a good way.

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Good version...i loved the guitar part in the bridge
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