Well Hello Everybody,

I read the topic about choosing a guitar and by reading that i should have bought Yamaha 812/612 which is out of stock in half of europe, so by browsing these forums i made a little list of guitars that suite me with price, so here is the list of guitars.

> Schecter C-1 Hellraiser = 790$
> Schecter C1-FR/Hellraiser FR = 950$
> Ibanez RG1570/550/570= 900$
> Ibanez S470= 740$
(prices are for my town)

I Mostly Play Metal Riffs and Heavy Rock.

Help Guys... :P
c1 hell raiser great guitar
unless u want a fr which then get the fr version
im not a fan of ibanezs dont' like their pickups and find them to light for me
but up 2 u if u can find teh prices im sure you can go try em out
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guys i realy need help so i should stick with

FR or RG1570?

They're completely different guitars.

Schecter is mahogany, set neck, thick neck.

Ibanez is basswood, bolt-on, thin neck.

Play them yourself.
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i played Hellraiser model once and i realy liked it, i mean it wasn't thick at all and sound was perfect.

i am playing for just 7 month and i broke first electric guitar so i want a guitar that i will stick with me for a long time, playing from rock to heavy metal(mostly).

timi_hendrix which guitar would you choose? i know that rg's have bad pickups and i realy do prefer floyd rose system.

final question : FR vs RG1570 for Metal and Overall Sound and Hardware.