I'm not new to the guitar I've been playing for about a year and half now and believe i'm quite good... I play for usually round 2 hours a day everyday and so I built up some chops fast... But I have an issue with my picking hand and am not sure what to do about it.Alot of the guitarists I have learnt from and have been influenced by; Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, John Frusciante, Dave Navarro, Billy Corgan etc. All seem to uncurl their picking fingers when playing... Something I havn't ever really done or realised until recently. I've never had a guitar lesson so don't really know where to turn.

So my question is... Is it generally better to uncurl your picking fingers when playing??? Or is it fine to keep them scrunched up (too a degree).

Thanks heaps
Its preference, as long as you arent using your fingers to anchor.
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practice just holding it in. after a while it will stop
but youve been playing for about 1 1/2 years so just chill about it, learn the guitar before perfecting techinique etc
Quote by copet
Its preference, as long as you arent using your fingers to anchor.

I anchor and I have absolutely no problem keeping up, that's just bogus man.
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Quote by copet
Its preference, as long as you arent using your fingers to anchor.

There's nothing wrong with anchoring, only uptight classical players have problems with it..
The method I find is affected more by the placement of your tone/volumn knobs than technique. On some guitars, especially those with low profile floating bridges, the tone/volumn knobs are closer to the bridge and you may find that scrunching your fingers will allow your picking hand to colide with these knobs. If you don't suffer from this drawback, then you should be fine the way you are.
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I remember reading somewhere to let your arm fall by your body. Then, take note of your hand. That is your natural relaxed position. The article (or whatever it was) was telling you to keep your other fingers on your picking hand like that to reduce tension. If you deliberately spread out your fingers, you're just adding tension to your picking hand. So basically, the non-active picking hand fingers should be relaxed (according to that article or whatnot). That's the way I've been doing it.