I'm a big fan of this band and I want to know how should I play intro riff from Elder Mysanthropy.
I can play it with all downstrokes but some guys tell me that BDM plays pedal notes on 6th string with downstrokes and "melodic" notes on 5th are taken with upstrokes.
Where is the truth?

^What? Pedal notes can be played with alternate picking too.

What are melodic notes? Do you mean the notes other than the open ones?
Quote by x Misanthropy x
they use all 3 top strings for that the intro riff...alternate picked

ok. Could you write me tab and mark what notes where do they take and how ^ upstroke or downstroke.
I can play it in drop c and I can play it in standard because I have guitar in drop c and other in standard.
I'll be very happy if I can play it exactly in such way that BDM play)
kay i suck at this...but this is a idea of how it should go..down stroke the first 2 notes then up,down,up down etc

its the same for standard and drop ..but this tab here is for standard but ignore that.

Well... ok!
And besides BDM - how other melodic death bands usually play such riffs?
As I know thrash metal bands mainly use downstrokes (for example, old Testament, Metallica, Annihilator ). On the other side, SMDM band Dimension Zero use alternate picking.
Do At the Gates "world of lies" verse and riff should be played in the same way as BDM "elder mysanthropy"?

I pay great attention to the picking because dynamics, cleanliness and atmosphere greatly depends on it
check out "through the eyes of the dead"...their the closest band i can think to bdm...same type harmonies,pedal notes etc.
and for world of lies riff..its pretty much the same way yah...