Im in a blues band at the moment and individually were all very good musicians. But no one seems like they want to take charge. Im the bassist and I dont know half as much about blues as the others and I was wondering. Should I take charge myself or should I talk to our guitarist or singer and ask them to take control. I mean taking control by organising practices and choosing covers. We had a practice the other day and we got two songs done in 2 hours because no one could give any suggestions for covers. Anyway What should I do?
Since you've taken the time to post a thread here. Why not just do it yourself?
Well, the thing is, alot of bands have trouble getting their **** together and organizing a practice. You shouldn't really have a leader in your band, because everyone should have an equal voice in expressing themselves musically, and when theres a leader, they tend to want things done their way, not necesarily the right way. What you need is to help your band mates realize that that is not the way to have a band practice, so they can step forward themselves and announce that you guys need to buckle down

or just do a barrel roll
what we always did with covers was nominate 1 each and try to get through all of those when it came to covers.

With organising practise they just had to be when everyone wasn't at work/uni etc
You know, by posting you obviously care the most, so you're the best suited for the leader.