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Its f'ing brilliant, good job guys
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just plain awesome!
great guitar work, swell drumming and pretty good vocal work!
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completely sweet, could've used a bit less treble. But I mean by like a very slight turn of the nob, other than that it was completely ****ing sweet (:
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I've gotta say that I love it...

Btw, I'm just curious about how old are you and for how long have you been playing?? Also, you said "me and my brother".... did your brother played the drums??

Forgot to say... Congrats to Supercharger350 for the vocals... very amazing skills!
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Been playing for 2 years now, started at 20. I play rhythm on the right, my brother on the left. He did the first solo, I did the second. Drums by Ezdrummer with the drumkit from hell expansion(highly recommended)
great job. i love covering mop with my friends its such an awesome metal song. man u really down picked the whole way? niiiiiiice.
That was a good cover.
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Holy **** I could never downpick that fast. I agree, there's a bit too much treble for my taste, but otherwise a nice recording, great vocals too.
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really good

did you use a midi track for the softer melody ( before and after the solo )? Sounded a bit too " on " to me.

And you need some bass in there.

Also, some parts sounded very slightly off in the second solo

but you guys did a really good job, better than almost every other cover I have heard.

Oh, and the vocals for the most part are really good. The laughs, especially at the end, didn't sound right. In fact, I haven't heard anyone do those right other than James on the Album, so that isn't a big problem at all.

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Thanks for commenting guys, there are no midi tracks in the song. Kind of disappointing that you think it's midi because that would have to sound like ****! Anyway, thanks for commenting guys, I appreciate it.
Great cover! Nice raw guitar sound, good vocals, overall a solid cover.
The harmony during the first solo sounds a little off... can't really put my finger on it. It needs to be played with less staccato as well. Besides that the cover is real good!
that guy actually sounds so much like james, its uncanny.
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that guy actually sounds so much like james, its uncanny.

Uncanny indeed...
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Best amateur cover of Master of Puppets I've heard. Good job.
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thanks dudes !!! I really appreciate it.

The speed is more like Trivium's version, more like 230bmp I think.
I spent a long time figuring out the tones and stuff like that. To record I used POD XT with a custom made patch. I tried using my Jackons RR3 with Zack EMG's with the patch, but it sounded like ****, so I had to use my Jackson Kelly with stock pups. There are 6 main rhythm tracks. 4 where I used the standard patch, and 2 with the standard patch, but I EQ in more mid so that the chunk chunk stands out. I found a forum where the guy that mixed MOP posted (Michael Wagener) and he said that it was crucial that there would be 6 rhythm tracks.
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