im looking for a bass multi effects pedal which is below £150..
its gotta be reliable and its gotta sound good too

any suggestions or unsuggestions?

How about a Zoom B2.1U? I have the guitar equivalent and it's very good indeed. Not only does it have loads of effects parameters, it also comes with recording software. It's also made out of metal, with rubberised edges.
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that looks pretty good
and its red!

do you know if the b2 is the same, just without the recording function?

i forgot to mention if it has a synthesiser it would be pretti kool but dont worry if they dont, i can buy one seperately

No it doesn't have a synthesiser, and I think synths are generally pretty expensive. The b2 doesn't have an expression pedal either, which is quite useful.
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Get individual pedals

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hmm..maybe if i got a slightly cheaper pedal i'd be able to buy both? ah right..cant you buy seperate expression pedals though?

the korg looks quite good too, looking at the effects and there are some good reviews on it too..i'll add that to my options

individual pedals are good, but the cheaper 1s cost £20 and thats 1 effect so itll get pretti expensive if i want loads of different effects
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would buying a better, more expensive one off ebay be better?

The Korg AX3B is the only one i heard in action and it sound pretty good to me.And it`s cheap.My friend got it for like 70 euros
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my bassist has the zoom b2.1U and it seems pretty good to me. the expression pedal is little crap but you aren't going to find a good one at this price range anyway

here's a few options to look at:



http://www.thomann.de/gb/toneworks_ax3000b.htm (this one is probably worth saving that extra bit)
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i like that last one

i could try looking on ebay for a good condition used ax3000b or any other expensive one ..would that be better?
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