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Who are your guitar heroes?

Mine are:
Matt Bellamy
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
My uncles, They gave me my first guitar and taught me some songs, I'm playing at his daughters wedding in a month with him i think
I play a guitar strung with Yngwie's chest hair
Jim McCarty- Cactus
Neil Young
Jimmy Page
Bert Jansch
Keep the change, pimps don't jangle
East Bay Ray - Dead Kennedys
Bob Marley
Dee Dee Ramone - The Ramones (A bass player, I know)
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James Root ( for getting me started )

Buckethead ( for making me continuing )
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Ibanez RGA 121
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Alvarez Acoustic DY-85

Fender G-Dec 8" 15W

VOX AD120VT 2*12" 120W

randy rhoads
scott lucas of local h
tom morello
and my friend pat mcdonough, who keeps pushing me to get better =)
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zakk wylde, dimebag, randy rhodes, my friend Matt Revolver (from a local band, Open Stitches) john petrucci, kirk hammet
Jackson DKMG Dinky (EMG 81/85)
Ibanez GIO (i put a Dimbucker in the bridge)
Crate GT65 (65 watts) to be upgraded soon, suggestions welcome (must be tubed)
Floor Pod (for sale)
David Gilmour
Jimmy Page
Eric Clapton

All profoundly influenced how I play.

And, of course, my cousin, who got me started, to whom I am forever grateful.
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Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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Buckethead (huge influence, absolutely love 'um)
Paul Gilbert
Joe Satriani
David Gilmour
Angus yound, Zakk wylde,eddie van halen,Georgie(from a guitar shop close to where i live)
Jimi Hendrix
John Frusciante
Tom Morello
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
Tony Iommi
Zakk Wylde
Jerry Cantrell
Kurt Cobain(yes I know he wasn't the best, but he was good in his own way)
Curt Kirkwood
Mark Morton / Willie Adler
David Gilmour
Jimmy Page
Angus Young
Malcolm Young
Eric Clapton
Matt Heafy
Corey Beaulieu

Pretty random selection.
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Korg Pitchblack
Marshall JVM215C
Marshall 1936 2x12 Cabinet
Jason Becker is my biggest influence
Chuck Shuldiner
Muhhamed Suicmez
Jari Meanpaa
Holy ****.

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Dave Murray
Adrian Smith
Glenn Tipton
K.K. Downing
Kai Hansen
Paul Gilbert
Joe Satriani

Steve Harris
Markus Grosskopf
Joey DeMaio
jimi hendrix
john frusciante
kurt cobain
stevie ray vaughan
bob dylan
jack white
mike mccready
eddie vedder (what the heck, he plays too)
angus young
tom morello
joe strummer
mick jones
eric clapton
george harrison
ron asheton
jack johnson
john fogerty
jimmy page
curt kirkwood
neil young
peter buck
the guy from the pixies (joey santiago i think)
richie havens
kim thayil
the edge

in no particular order, though the couple first ones are my biggest influences


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claudio sanchez
synyster gates
Epiphone Les PAul StandarD

Line 6 Spider III 120

group http://

group join if u want Ug hockey fans
Jimmy Page
Jimi Hendrix
Herman Li
Sam Totman
Alex Lifeson
Steve Vai
Standard Strat
Jackson WRMG
Parker DF724

Axe-Fx Standard
Carvin DCM1000L

Mesa Trad. Slant Recto 4x12 (UK V30s)
Custom Horiz. 2x12 (Commonwealth 12s)
Dimebag Darrell
Randy Rhoads
Zakk Wylde
Eric Clapton
David Gilmour
John Petrucci
Paul Gilbert
Alexi Laiho
Gus G
Guys from Testament >_>
Guys from Maiden (Smith, Gers and Murray)
Joe Satriani
Steve Vai
Jimmi Page
Bob Dylan
BB King
Yngwie Malmsteen
Angus/Malcolm Young
Pete Townshead
Brian May
Eric Johnson
Dave Mustaine
Kirk Hammet
Guys from Judas Priest
Guys from Motley Crue
Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman <_<

probobly some others i can't think of >_>
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Malcom & Angus Yougn (Malcom was what made my start playing guitar and I always been more of a rhythm guitarist)
Eric Clapton (while Bluesbreakers, Cream and Blind Fatih)
Pete Townshend
Jimmy Page
Joe Bonamassa
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18watter video demo

My band

Recognised by the Official EG/GG&A Who To Listen To List 2009
john frusciante
jimi hendrix
frank zappa
hillel slovak
my dad
my guitar teacher
randy rhoads
kirk hammett
tony iommi
Zakk Wylde
My Gear:
Vox AD15VT
Line 6 Spider ll 112
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Temptest
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mine is probably that totaly awsomely hard solo in wake me up when september ends, evry time i hear that solo i drool.
In no particular order:

Eric Clapton..................B.B King
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Rory Gallagher
Joe Walsh
Keith Richards
Kurt Cobain
Cat Stevens
Tom Petty
John and Tom Fogerty
Angus Young
Muddy Waters
Fender Standard Telecaster
Peavey Envoy 110
Boss DS-1 EHX Holy Grail
EHX Small Clone Behringer DD400 Digital Delay
Digitech Bad Monkey
*Dimebag Darrel
*James Hetfield and Kirk
*Michael Romeo
*John Petrucci
*Gary Moore
*Marty Friedman
*My first teacher, Ruben Gutierrez.
frank iero
matt good
travis richter
quin alman
jade pudgett
matt tuck
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John Frusciante
Jimmy Page
Jimi Hendrix
Jack White
Beck Hansen
Jerry Garcia
Bob Dylan
Dave Matthews
Tom Morello
Trey Anastasio
Keller Williams
George Harrison

probably more but im to lazy to think. Those are my idols
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