okay so i signed up for school today because i just moved and im a sophmore.

for my electives i picked play writter and writters class for a extra english credit.

heres the question:

since i am a song writter/ muscian was picking play writter and writters class good so i can write better music or will help me get a concept idea? (concept like Queensryche's operation mindcrime.)
^ your wording has me at a loss as to what your question is. and btw, not to be a dick but you're in a writing class. not a writting class (sorry bad spelling grates my nerves)
^ i would assume it would help in the lyrical aspect of it. maybe the songwriting part in different ways, but obviously since it has nothing to do with music theory you won't be learning any technical info to help you. surely it could be a good source of inspiration.
okay cool. i just get alot of ideas in my head and i wanna use them. alot are concept ideas but i get to bored with making a concept
^ concepts are good, i have the same thing. usually i do a concept song and then find the concept songs that work together and have a general theme and those form the album.
I wish they had something like that in my school, that'd be cool. But rather it would help or not could vary. If you're writing an opera or concept album you'd be able to set up a story arc and make things flow smooth. If you write everything song by song you'd have to do more Shakespear styled writing for it to be a large improvement, but there's be improvement still with regular writing. All of this is assumption, though.
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