Basically whats going on is a couple days ago, my cat died because we couldnt afford to pay for the surgery to save him. It got me thinking about this country and politics and all the people that are dying because they cant afford healthcare. So i wrote a song about it and its not Anti-American, but its anti-all the **** thats going on right now.

So i presented it to my other guitarist and he said "this band isnt political and it never will be"

now i have no problems with this band. I dont want to leave it, they dont want me to leave. its really working out between the 4 of us and we're making some great music and have some good gigs coming up.

But i wanna write some political stuff too. Sooner or later im gonna have to get it out of my system right?

I can totally understand why he'd be against it-maybe he doesn't want the image of our band to the band thats jumping on the political bandwagon. Which isn't what the song was really...it wasn't "**** Bush" it was basically "people need help, lets do something about it"

so i was wondering that if i made a solo project where i would record these songs under a totally different band name would it be disrespectful to the other guys? i have a feeling itd be saying something like "You guys arent doing it for me, so im gonna go alone, basically i don need you." which isnt true at all. Im not sure what to do in this situation, i could easily just throw away the song as anything, but sooner or later i will have to write it.

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solution: when you play gigs, ask them if you can have 1 or 2 songs in which you are on stage alone with just a stool, a mic, and an acoustic guitar and then play the songs

if they don't let you, start a side project. Don't let it get in the way of your band, just do it in your free non-band time
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There's nothing wrong with it at all. Good way to get creative and see what you can do for yourself.
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I don't think they'll mind If they know that your side project is not replacing them.
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I don't think there'll be any problem if you explain to them why you're doing this and that this is not something that you're doing instead of them but as a compliment to your own musical needs and wants
If they have a problem with it then they are f*cked. I have a really serious band, and I am starting two side projects and they are cool with it. We all know DS is my main band, and the one I spend most of my time with, but they respect that I want to do different things as well.

And also did you know that a majority of those without health care in the USA are either very wealthy and choose not to buy it, very young and think they don't need it, or are illegal immigrants.

Also, look deeper than a Michael Moore movie and you will see how flawed a national health care system is, how it causes more debt than the war in Iraq has caused, how it would lead to a lower quality of health care, and look at how many people in countries with universal health care don't consider it health care but a waiting list to get onto a waiting list.
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As long as it's not a secret, and you are using it to express things that the rest of your main band doesn't want to reflect on them...I think that's prefectly acceptable. Just as long as you don't spend more time/more of your good ideas on the side project.
Of course its okay, Im going to do that with my current band, im going to start a electro/dance side-project, just on my own.
It's perfectly fine, and if your band doesn't like it, screw them. I'm actually thinking of doing a side band myself with one member of my current band.
Just tell your bandmates that you want to stay with them, but there's other things you want to explore too.

If they don't like it, punch 'em in the head.
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i agree with these other posts. just tell ur band that you want to do a side project, and dont let it interfere with the rest of the band, but the band first side project second. which is why its called a side project. i hope i dont sound like i'm yelling.
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solution: when you play gigs, ask them if you can have 1 or 2 songs in which you are on stage alone with just a stool, a mic, and an acoustic guitar and then play the songs

if they don't let you, start a side project. Don't let it get in the way of your band, just do it in your free non-band time


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It's no problem at all. Personally I'm not even sure that you need to tell them that you're doing it since it seems that it only involves you. But there's no reason why you can't do both.
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I think most people keep projects on the side. You can't share everything with your bandmates, you also need your own voice, and what you can't get with a band, go for doing it yourself. No need to call it a solo project either if it makes you feel like you got ego or are avoiding a band or something... you could just call it, some random project you've been workin' on... gotta play for yourself first and foremost, bands are great, you should always share your talent with others, but you should be playing guitar for yourself, really.
Well you offered to let them play that kind of music. So if they had that much of a problem with it, theres no reason why you shouldn't be able to go through with it. I write just about everything for my band, yet I still do other writing that I will never show the band. Why? One, not every song will work for every band. Two, I like to branch out and work with other people very often. Three, sometimes you just need to try doing other things and experiment without getting it involved with an already established and built up band sound.

Just my two cents.
Though be careful. I sort of have a side project, some shred type stuff that doesn't suit my band (mainly because they can't play the stuff), I had one song song recorded, just a rough recording, then they say that the band is doing it now. So they upload the song onto the bands bebo and dmusic, and say its a work of all the band, even though its me playing everything. Its ****ing annoying! They ask people for crits and don't mention that they had no part in it . Also, this song was a work-in-progress, and I keep adding to it, and when I tell the rest of the band (I'd finally excepted that we would play it) that I've added a new section and changed the structure, they say "No, we're not doing that"

Any solutions to my problem? Also, leaving the band is not an option, trust me.
I think its perfectly okay to do a solo project until you don't get too involved in it and forget your band.

I plan on doing loads of different side projects too while keeping my main band intact. My band is hardcore/post-hardcore/experimental, it is gonna stay that way.

My side projects are just gonna be loads of different experimental, dance, industrial stuff i'ld be doing mostly on my own.

But i won't leave out my band in all of that. My band would always come first and then the side projects, which are not very important, they're just something to do in the free time i get. I can't leave out my band by getting too involved in the side projects...
I don't think it's disrespectful at all. I have a solo project, but that's because I want to explore different musics and challenge myself as a musician, not just a guitarist because I'm in a pop-rock band so I don't really have an opportunity to play technical stuff very often.
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yeah go for it. my band lets me play one or 2 solo at each of our gigs. so long as they know your not replacing them
It's not disrespectful as long as your main focus is the band. In your spare time when you're not doing "band" stuff you could work on it. It also depends on how long you been in the "main" band, because it might not go over well if you guys are trying to get things going.
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I have a question. What if someone in your band has a side project, and has recorded 20 songs, but never brings anything new to record as a band?
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Quote by fretmaster91
I have a question. What if someone in your band has a side project, and has recorded 20 songs, but never brings anything new to record as a band?

In that "what if" situation it'd be better to have that member leave the band. It's alright as long as the solo project member is making a postive and consistant contribution to the original band.
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I wouldn't do it with another band altogether... I might ask the guys to play on the song, but not call it a (insert your bands name) song, just more you can't do all of the parts and need the help with it. If they're not going to accept an idea as a group, that's fine. You're trying to please several people, but at the same time yourself.
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my band understands that i need a side project. im like an RnB, soul, blues kind of guy, but the band im in is like christian rock. They understand that i need an avenue to express myself through my music, but i dont let that stop me from contributing as much as i can to the christian band.
Quote by fretmaster91
I have a question. What if someone in your band has a side project, and has recorded 20 songs, but never brings anything new to record as a band?

Depends, would any of the 20 songs have worked for the main band? Do you ever ask him if he has something he would like to share/bring bring to the band or whatever? Or did you usually shoot down his ideas?
Sounds fair enough.

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I think it's totally OK to have a solo project. I mean, if they won't let you do some of your music in the band, what can they expect? Are they gonna say 'no, you are not producing political music at all, even outside the band'...hardly. If they do have a problem you can just say 'well you were the one who said we weren't gonna do my music, so we can do it in the band or I'm doing it on my own'.

I have a band and a side-project of my own. I even collaborate with my other band members and members of other bands I know. It's a fun outlet where noone can tell you what to do.